Your 2022 Skin Reset

Need to get your skin back on track after the holiday period? Try our 2022 Skin Reset.

As we work our way through January and return to regular programming, it might be time to get back into your Roe Routine if you’ve let your skincare practice slide — or consider a new-year reset. To see change, we need to make change.

Commit to Double Cleansing

If you haven’t already heard it from your dermal therapist or your favourite skinfluencer on YouTube, we’re here to remind you that double cleansing is the best kind of cleansing, especially during Summer months. In warmer, more humid weather, skin can be more prone to breakouts as pores are easily clogged with excess sweat and sunscreen. So, we use our sulfate-free Kibosh Weightless Foaming Cleanser as a pre-cleanse or first cleansing step to effectively but gently remove impurities from the skin. If you have oily or combination skin, follow with a second cleanse with Kibosh. If you prefer a more hydrating option, follow with Noosa Nourishing Crème Cleanser

Finetune Your Skin Goals

First take a good, hard look and feel of your skin and prioritise your key concerns. Is sun damage the thing that bothers you the most? Has your pigmentation really picked up over Summer? Has your Roe Glow taken its own form of annual leave? A treatment serum is an important step to prioritise within your Roe Routine and we have a number of options designed to target specific concerns. For skin that’s deeply felt the fatigue of 2021, try Perky Collagen-Boosting Serum and feel an immediate lifting and firming effect that helps to tighten and brighten skin over time. To fight persistent dehydration and dullness, our True Blue Ultimate Hydrating Serum is full of powerful peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, and powerhouse antioxidants Co-Enzyme Q10 and Niacinamide to help rehydrate and boost barrier protection.

Learn more about our range of treatment serums here.

Be Realistic

The success of your Roe Routine is anchored in commitment. To get the skin wins, you need to be diligent with your practice. Which is why being realistic about what you know you can stick to — and what you won’t — is key. 

We’re all about multi-taskers and keeping your morning and evening routines simple. A few more of our favourites:

  • Lifesaver Skin Brightening Toner doubles as an on-the-go purifying spritz to help manage congestion. While we’d never recommend using it in place of a dedicated cleanser, it’s a great post-workout spritz to manage excess sweat and shine that if left on the skin, can lead to congestion. We also use it on our decolletage and back to prevent breakouts. [Just bear in mind that the 2% Glycolic Acid can make skin more sensitive so ensure you wear sun protection.










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