Rejuvenate Your #RoeGlow With Perky


Treat yourself to the healthy, revitalizing skin treatment your regimen has been missing. Formulated with powerful actives to battle the signs and symptoms of dull, aging skin, Perky Collagen Boosting Serum helps to tighten, brighten and hydrate while delivering some serious anti-aging benefits. Cheer up your complexion, beaut!

The Star Ingredients:

Inca Inchi Oil
This nutrient-rich oil helps to moisturize dehydrated skin, reduce the signs of sun damage and soften wrinkles - all without clogging your pores (phew).
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Best-known for its instant skin-tightening effects, this rejuvenating active aids in repairing and improving the skin’s texture and appearance. Hello, #RoeGlow.
(will add images in tomorrow am when email goes out)

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