Five Questions with @ohuprettythings

@ohuprettythings has a flawless instagram feed and even more flawless skin. We sat down with the Brooklyn-based skincare enthusiast and talented makeup artist to ask her 5 questions on how she achieves her #RoeGlow from the inside and out.

1. Describe your skin type and AM skincare routine?

I’m in my early 30s, and I’m starting to see changes in my skin. I have normal to dry skin- and I get the occasional hormone breakout. I have to be very mindful to keep my skin exfoliated and hydrated as it can easily become dull looking. I love to use the Dr Roebuck's Byron on a fairly regular basis for this reason. I like that it’s gentle enough to use frequently, but doesn’t strip my skin of necessary moisture.

When I feel like I need a “deep exfoliate” I reach for acids and peels. My favorite peel is by Dr. Dennis Gross: Alpha Beta Peel. I typically use these before an event and recommend them to my brides before I do their makeup.

In the AM I’m fairly simple. I wash my face with Dr Roebuck's Noosa Cleanser, I’ll apply a serum- True Blue is a favorite as it gives my face a really smooth and hydrated texture- perfect for applying makeup. If I want an extra dewy appearance, I’ll add a few drops of Sunday Riley Luna Oil in with my Glossier priming moisturizer. 


2. What's the most important product to put on your face before makeup?

It doesn’t matter if you have dry skin or oily skin, you must moisturize to get the perfect canvas for makeup. As far as primers go, I am lucky in the fact that I don’t need mattifying primers, but I do need something to smooth fine lines and add hydration. I love Dr Roebuck's Ultimate Hydrating Serum for this. 

3. What makeup and products do you use on a daily basis?

In an everyday situation, I’ll skip foundation or reach for MAC face and body for that perfect no makeup, makeup. I’ll skip the eyeshadow and ALWAYS curl my lashes and add a volumizing mascara, such as Dior Show Pump. I’ll run some Glossier Boy Brow thru my brows and give myself a 70s bronze-tour with Charlotte Tilbury bronzer. And the grand finale, I’ll top my lips with Dr Roebuck's Lips Hydrating Lip Crème.


4. What do you eat/drink to keep your skin healthy and glowing?

This is something I struggle with a lot. I can’t have too many refined carbs or sugar as I’ll break out like you wouldn’t believe. I like to make salads with toasted almonds, green onions, sesame seeds, green peppers and I’ll whip up a vinaigrette that’s made with mustard seed, lemon, olive oil and vinegar. I also enjoy poached eggs and asparagus with perfectly grilled salmon. 


5. What's your favorite makeup trend right now?

The less is more look. I enjoy a good fluffy brow with a glossy eyelid. Or a nude eye with a strong red lip. My favorite red lippie currently is Stunner by Fenty Beauty.

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