#SelfCareSunday: Sara Waiste

Sara Waiste is a blown beauty and vintage buyer from Brighton, England. We caught up with Eryn and asked her to share her ideal #SelfCareSunday with us! 


What are the 5 songs on repeat that make you feel most relaxed?

Allah Las - Catamaran

The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning

Everybody’s gotta Live -

Love Khruangbin - Two Fish and an Elephant

Lana Del Rey - Ride




Do you like to indulge alone or with others? If so, who are your ideal self-care partners in crime?

A bit of both, If myself and my boyfriend both have the day off we have a bath and face masks together
Since it’s all about treating yourself, are there any special meals, snacks, juices or drinks you like to make? I love doing face masks and hair masks and making mint tea.


Sometimes it’s (really, really) hard to disconnect and live in the moment. Do you make an extra effort during your “me time” to unplug & if so, how?

It’s so hard, especially with my kind of job you’re meant to be ‘on’ 24-seven, I usually try and turn off my laptop and phone, even if it’s just for a few hours, or leaving it in the flat when I take my dog Stanny for a walk on the beach


What’s your favorite part of your #SelfcareSunday regimen?

It’s so nice to relax and spend time with my boyfriend and our dog and not have to worry about work!


Fill in your #SelfcareSunday step-by-step routine 

10:00 AM snooze(!) I love a good lie in

11:00 AM treat ourselves to a breakfast at our favourite french cafe down the road

1:00 PM go to gym

2:00 PM take Stan (dog) on a big walk on the beach, sit on the beach for a few hours

4:00 PM chill out in our lay-z spa in the garden

8:00 PM face masks and bath, I love the red clay Dr Roebucks, it makes my skin look great! Lush bath bombs are perfect for the bath too, especially the rose ones

9:00 PM snuggles

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